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Latest news and advice from Karen Carter

1104, 2018

6 biggest myths about calorie counting

Hands up, who has counted calories?? Yep, most of us have at one point in time. In fact, most of us have on multiple occasions. And throughout my studies as a Naturopath and Nutritionist, the number of assignments asking to compile a 1200 calorie based plan for this population, or a 1600 calorie diet for that population, were too many to remember. But I have to confess, this entire concept, just didn't gel in my brain. Surely it cant be

2103, 2018

3 reasons why your body is achey and tense

I believe, there are 3 reasons why bodies are achey and tense. Here's why.... Some people stretch daily, maybe near the start of your exercise session, or at the end, perhaps even both if your really dedicated. Some people are devout yoga attendees, but most often, people get their daily stretch when they slink out of bed and raise their arms over the heads. Fullstop. So I started asking questions. In clinic, I see all sorts, I see the dedicated few that stretch daily

2003, 2018

Countdown to TEDx

So, not long now till I make the trip to Paris to debut on the TEDx stage. Im excited, yet terrified, all in the same breath. The opportunity to share my message on the global stage is certainly something I've dreamed off. However it feels really BIG at the same time and I just hope to bring forward my passion for real healthcare. I am passionate for a system that really drives to find the reason for someone feeling unwell, to

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