Locally, we are surviving a massive whooping cough outbreak and the flu epidemic is also hitting hard.  Knowing this, I strongly urge everyone to have some immune boosters ready at hand to ward it off earlier rather than late, but even smarter than that would be to take them during this period as a prophylactic (preventative).

My family uses a liquid herbal mix as our regular immune booster.  Whilst herbal tinctures are not renowned for their yummy taste my kids have been taking them since they were little, so they quite readily line up for their morning boost.

Their teachers have even commented on their good immune defence! I’m just hoping I haven’t jinxed it,  fingers are crossed.

We have lots of options in-store, and if herbal tinctures don’t suit – we have tablets, powders, and suggestions for essential oil mixes / vaporisers.  Cheap health insurance I say!
Karen xo