Is toxicity the reason your feeling unwell?

Do you –

  • Often tired or lethargic
  • Suffer from bloating, diarrhoea or constipation
  • Often get headaches
  • Suffering from muscle aches / pains
  • Poor short term memory, or difficulty concentrating
  • Suffer from depression, anxiety or mood swings

If you answered YES, to one or more of these questions,  you would probably benefit from a detox with a qualified health practitioner.

Detoxing the body can be a complex process and requires several steps, but the good news is that using a safe and closely monitored process with a qualified health practitioner, detoxing can be life changing for some people, giving them tools to use the rest of their life.

As a practitioner, I find that people are often amazed at how powerful real food can be, and love seeing the amazing changes people feel, when they focus on detoxing the body and adopting a healthy food program.

Now is the time to consider a detox, because the festive period is behind us, life has returned to routine, kids may have gone back to school and still being summer, we have plenty of salads and cleansing light foods around us.

At Scone Inspire Health, we offer a tailor made Detox program, brimming with food lists, tips and recipes for success.  We perform in-house testing to help understand how the cleansing process is going and based on the your situation, can recommend practitioner only supplements to expedite and smooth the process.

Ask us, if you’d like to know more about our detox or jumpstart programs.  It might just be what you need to kickstart 2016!

Yours in health & happiness, Karen