Take a look at five ways you can boost your fat loss success.

Achieving a healthy weight and maintaining this, can be done without depriving yourself from the foods you love.

Tip 1.  Ditch the ‘all or nothing’ mind set

When you set out to lose fat and change your body composition, it’s a great to write up a weekly exercise and eating plan that looks perfect on paper. But let’s be realistic. You might only make it the gym once that week, or you may need to grab take-away food when you’ve worked back late.

Instead of feeling like you may as well give up if you deviate away from your best intentions, remember that life can get in the way of even the best laid plans. It’s important to work on the ‘art of flexibility’. This means eating REAL! Never being too strict on your food or over zealous in your exercise regime.

Hot tip: Use our free Iphone food tracker – “easy diet diary” to map your intakes and expenditures, easily measuring your food and drink, whilst keeping in touch with your exercise.  This app can then be sent to the clinic where we analyse the nutritional intakes to ensure your getting the right amounts of the right things.  It also helps keep you accountable to yourself – logging things often makes you think twice!

2. Get fat-loss support

When you surround yourself with supportive people, you put yourself in a great position for fat loss. For weekly support and encouragement, attend the Clinic and keep in touch with our Facebook site. You’ll learn a new fat-loss skills each week and feel inspired by the people around you.  It’s a great place to share, celebrate and charge up your motivation batteries.

But the clinic isn’t the only place to find support. Tell your friends and family that you’re living a healthy new lifestyle. They can come to your aide and offer their support by perhaps exercising with you or providing healthier options like salads and grilled foods at gatherings.

Hot tip: Visit our facebook or website for recipe ideas, tips and tricks to assist the journey.

3. Remember to plan ahead

You may have your fridge and pantry stocked to the max with healthy foods, but if you forget plan ahead and pack your meals and snacks for the day, you may end up ravenous and eyeballing the office vending machine like a long-lost lover.

Make sure you allow enough time in the morning or night before to plan and prepare what you’ll eat during the next day. Planning ahead will also help you keep track of your foods, so that you’ll have room up your sleeve for special occasions, treats, or a bigger portion of your favourite meal.

Hot tip: Keep filling and healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit on hand to help keep you feeling full.  Also don’t forget about your water intake.  Often when you think your hungry, your just dehydrated.  Have a drink first, if your still hungry in 10 minutes, grab a bite to eat.

4. Don’t deprive yourself

Cutting out certain good groups like carbs, fructose or fats is a dangerous short-term solution to fat loss that can hinder your health. Deprivation diets can also lead to cravings, an empty bank account and abandonment of your fat loss attempt.

A healthy approach to fat loss means enjoying all food groups to ensure your body is properly nourished. Our plan gives you the flexibility to eat the foods you love and lose fat at the same time. That means feelings of deprivation and hunger won’t have a place in your fat loss vocabulary.

Hot tip: The updated food pyramid, gives you a good idea how much to eat of which food.  Use it as a guide.  But be sure to cover all foods groups each day, eating foods firstly that are wholefoods (ie. not processed, changed from its natural state or mucked around with).

5. Be patient with your fat loss

Losing weight at a speedy and unsustainable rate can pose some serious health risks and make it harder to keep off long-term. While the recommended healthy rate of weight loss is up to 1kg per week, it is normal for some people to lose more than that during the first few weeks.

But changing body composition isn’t exclusively about reaching your Goal weight. It’s about learning how to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, it’s about having energy, sleeping well, having good consistent moods, good libido, keeping a level of fitness that allows you to do what you want to do and accordingly staying within your healthy  weight range for life.

Hot tip: Using the tools in clinic, we measure your body composition very strategically.  This helps us to track your health over a long period.  And clients often comment, that they know what to do, it’s having someone holding them accountable that makes all the difference.  Once at goal weight, at regular intervals we measure your body composition to ensure your health is being maintained.