Life is too short not to be happy, right? Easily said, yet, anxiety and depression are far more common than most people realise.  And more so, mental health issues are not just as simple as de-stressing or taking a few deep breaths.  Mental health issues impact not just the person living it, but the family and friends surrounding that person, and the greater community.  Right now, mental health issues are increasing dramatically, in Australia 20% of people will experience some form of mental illness at some stage.  Some event might precipitate it, sometimes it just creeps on. Sometimes people might have a family history, sometimes no rhyme or reason.  And don’t be fooled, age does not safeguard you either.  I’m seeing an alarming number of school students in the clinic with reports of night terrors, poor sleeping, inability to concentrate at school, poor memory retention or experiencing anxiety states before school / exams / performances.

Are you, or do you know someone who is feeling:

  • Anxious, stressed, uptight and irritable
  • Feeling like they cant cope, or fly off the handle at the smallest things
  • Have poor sleeping patterns – feeling as if they cant get enough, or finding your mind wont settle when laying in bed and having troubles falling asleep or staying asleep
  •  Erratic moods, crying at the drop of a hat

Herbs and nutrients are well placed to really support the nervous system.  Some key nutrients include:

  • Magnesium requirements dramatically increase during periods of stress, anxiety or depression
  • B vitamins support energy production in the nervous system and also involved in hormonal pathways and support brain chemistry
  • Many herbs are available to support both nervous system and adrenal system, such as Ashwaganda, Rehmannia, Oat seed, Lavender, and Ginseng to name a few. Some of these herbs can work alongside medications.  Turmeric or its active constituent – Curcuma, has some wonderful research as a herb that works concurrently with anti-depressants to help restore the nervous system.

But the most important thing to remember when dealing with stress / anxiety or depression is that there is help available.  There is no need to suffer alone and doubt your existence or purpose in life.  Medical professionals and Natural Health Professionals are well equipped to assist with mental health, whether it be for short or long term care.  Lifeline is also a great support service or phone 131114 for 24hr crisis support.

At Scone Inspire Health, a day would not go by, where strategies are discussed to help manage mental health.  Give us a call, we are here to help.

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