So, not long now till I make the trip to Paris to debut on the TEDx stage. Im excited, yet terrified, all in the same breath. The opportunity to share my message on the global stage is certainly something I’ve dreamed off. However it feels really BIG at the same time and I just hope to bring forward my passion for real healthcare. I am passionate for a system that really drives to find the reason for someone feeling unwell, to help stem chronic disease and to understand why people are not feeling  100%. Because let’s face it, life is to short to feel anything less! We are not designed to feel mediocre.
My speech “How looking at poo, can revolutionise the way we offer healthcare” stems from my frustration with the current healthcare system, and how many medicos are missing the mark to some really basic reasons why people are feeling unwell. It also highlights how you, as an individual can keep track of your health using some really simple tools. Stay tuned to see the live version…..