Happy Easter my friend, I sincerely hope you have some time to share some delicious and nutritious food around a table of love, and most importantly make time to catch up with friends and loved ones.

So, I’ve been busy in the last few months (in collaboration with some other amazing health professionals) creating and facilitating an online nutrition program – a program called the FAST Body Plan.
It’s small scale, but so far, I can quietly confirm, that the results we are getting are nothing short of outstanding.

The program is especially focused on gut health, simply because, well, it’s a major influencer on how we feel, what we think and, how stable our weight is and how our overall health exhibits. So settling your belly, will help to:

  • Lift energy
  • Lighten moods
  • Smooth-out hormonal fluctuations
  • Clear the foggy head
  • And in many cases (for those that want) lose both inches from the waist and kilograms from the scales

The FAST Body Plan is based on nutritious and delicious foods, focused around whole-foods that are locally sourced and organic where possible. And like I said, our groups are small, purely to ensure that everyone gets the attention they deserve.  In doing this, we use a closed online Facebook group, offering support and inspiration from me and other health professionals, but also friends that have been there and done that. And most importantly, we have weekly check-ins, which offers accountability and ensures you dont get lost inside that computer. So, the nutrition plan is devised specifically for you, based on YOUR health information. And options are given, to cater for individual food preferences.

But why, and what is this program based on?
The FAST Body Plan, is modelled around fat adaptation. Because, science tells us, that fat (when used as a fuel) is a much cleaner form of energy than our other more commonly used option of glucose. Furthermore, research also tells us, that the key agent to disease and ageing before our time, is related to insulin and carbohydrate intake (aka glucose).
In general, most Australians are glucose metabolisers. And glucose is considered as the less efficient ‘dirtier’ form of fuel.  Not only that, but glucose metabolising is quickly becoming credited with the formation of many diseases. And let’s face it, when you look around, Australia’s health is declining at an alarming rate. Our rate of chronic disease – heart disease, cancer, auto-immune and diabetes is reaching epidemic rates.

For me though, the comforting information is, that, to a large degree, we have the ability to choose which health path we take. You see, genetics only plays a small part in our health. Scientists tell us, that genetics only account for approximately 10-15% of all diseases.  The biggest contributor to our health, is epigenetics (or the chooses we make, the food we eat, the exercise we do and the environment we live in). So yes, we have the power to change our internal state!

So, with that in mind, andbecause I thought you may be interested in this new program. The FAST Body Plan, runs for 4 weeks. With options to renew after that. We hold your hand, ‘virtually’, to help you on your way. The foods are delicious and readily available. And the plan will leave you feeling full and satisfied. So, really, what have you got to lose.

Our next intake, starts right after Easter finishes – super convenient, sign me up! The aim of the program is to gently detox your system, to initiate you into the world of fat adaptation and with that comes the added benefit of metabolic flexibility.  The end result of this program means that you are priming your body to become a fat burner, rather than a glucose burner. And once you are converted, I’m reasonably certain you won’t look back. 

So here it is, the FAST Body Plan. You get:


  • A personalised 4 week nutrition plan based on your medical intake forms
  • Complete shopping list
  • Delicious meal plans that are flexible to your palette
  • A food program that will totally change up your metabolism and enable your body to clean itself up
  • A gentle detox program, that targets gut healthKaren
  • Facebook support / feedback
  • Weekly accountability with the support of registered health professionals
  • Ability to tweak the plan as required
  • Limited numbers to ensure group is manageable in size – so if your keen, get in quick. 
What you need to know:
  1. New intake starts 3rd April. Yes, straight after Easter. A great time to tackle a new plan, head on! So if your keen, we need your intake forms received by this weekend.
  2. Your 4 week investment (or cheap health insurance) is only $99
  3. And research tells us, that if a friend or loved one comes on a similar journey to you, you both get better results = winning! So, let your friends know, it may just change their life!

Right now is the time to jump on board, and take your health a next level. To register your interest, click here ASAP or email me – sconeinspirehealth@gmail.com 🙂

Yours in heath,

Karen x