The Functional Medicine model of healthcare is an individualised program specifically designed for you, using a science-based approach to empower and educate you on the path to wellness. Functional Medicine allows you to work directly with the practitioner to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.

Many people arrive at the clinic, just feeling unwell. They feel lethargic, they have lost their zest for life and often report they are existing rather than actively participating in life.  Some people have a chronic disease already diagnosed, some present with chronic pain, and others just have a vague set of symptoms that no-one can seem to work out how to treat or even the really reason why.

If you are feeling run down, sluggish, unwell, or experiencing brain-fog make an appointment with Inspire Health and discuss your symptoms with our Functional Medicine Naturopath.

Functional Medicine Naturopaths excel at gathering a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and uses this information to create a personalized treatment plan that leads to improved patient outcomes.

Zinc Drink

Zinc Tally Taste Tests

Zinc deficiency is very common. Side effects can range from poor neurological function, weak immunity, diarrhoea, thinning hair, allergies, leaky gut and acne.

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Iridology Eye Test Map


Your Scone Inspire Health Naturopath will look for signs and markings in your eyes that deviate from a normal colour and pattern.  This will highlight any areas of the body that are not functioning adequately and help to find the cause of vague symptoms, such as fatigue.

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Urine test strips

Urine Testing

The Indican urine test is a simple predictor of gut permeability and can be performed in the clinic during your appointment.

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Body composition scales, measuring tape and an apple

Body Composition Assessment

Your muscle quantity and quality, body fat percentage, fluid and biological age will be determined. This will give you an overall indication of how your body is functioning.

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Woman diarising her food intake using an app.

Nutritional Profiling

Using a nutrition program that can be installed on your iPhone, your nutritionist will monitor your food intake and guide you with recommendations to better suit your health and wellbeing goals.

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