Karen is an experienced Functional Medicine Naturopath, with over 20 years in clinical practice.  Karen specialises in all things relating to chronic disease, especially those with chronic pain and or gut related issues. Her clinical practice now spans both face to face consultations or consults via Skype or Zoom, to enable people to get help no matter where they live in the world. And more recently, she is now offering a short term ‘residential health retreat’, where the client can spend quality time and really focus inwardly on improving their health. The retreat is supported with a group of handpicked, highly qualified health practitioners. And she finds that, group healing is often more powerful than 1 on 1, if you haven’t experienced a health retreat, perhaps now is the time! Not only that, but it sometimes creates a lifelong connection with participants that not only support their own recovery, but  help those around them. Powerful stuff!

More often than not, Karen sees clients with an apparently ‘vague set of symptoms’, however the Functional Medicine approach, guides her to really understand the cause of the issue.  She states that ‘Functional Medicine has helped her realise that where someone is experiencing the pain, is often not where the original cause stemmed from. So when seeing a client, you really need to step outside the normal medical context and delve into why someone is ill. Until you do that, you have little hope of really understanding the issue at hand.’

Karen holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and a Masters of Occupational Therapy (Occupational Therapy), with post graduate studies in Live Blood Cell Analysis, Body scanning, Dry Needling and Functional Medicine. She is a member of Australian Traditional Society (ATMS provider number: 7659) and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA provider number: OCC0001717529).

Karen is currently the clinical director of the successful Scone Inspire Health, which she established in 2011. She has previously worked in multi-disciplinary clinics throughout the NSW area, specialising in areas with Nutritional and Naturopathic Medicine, Injury Management, Functional Assessments and Workers Compensation Rehabilitation. She has been site based for large corporate organisations, implementing significant improvements to the company’s Injury Management policies and procedures, whereby previously unseen industry premium reductions were achieved. She has also been instrumental in implementing health awareness and promotional schemes, to educate and alert people to the benefits of good health.

Karen prides herself in her medico-legal writing and fundamental abilities to understand the core issues regarding health, creating empowerment and allowing the client to make essential life-long changes to better their health. Karen is passionate about functional medicine and thrives when working in a multi-disciplinary team. She regularly attends professional seminars and conferences to keep up to speed with the latest evidence based practice and scientific research.

Karen is a keen advocate for appropriate healthcare and all things relating to gut health and believes that the easiest way to engage the masses is with regular speaking engagements. For many years, she has lectured at local community events, she has a regular live radio segment promoting all things health.  More recently she was invited to present a TEDx speech. Stay tuned for the recording!

Areas of specialty:

Whilst Karen works with a myriad of complaints, she specialises in all things chronic or pain related.  Her devotion is focused on the gut and how integral this organ is for maintaining overall health. Some 2000 years ago, Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) stated that “all disease begins in the gut” and whilst this may not apply to every single case, it certainly accounts for a large proportion of disease, especially any disease that is chronic in nature – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity to name a few. At the very heart of chronic disease is chronic or long standing inflammation. The gut is responsible for over 80% of our immune system, of which, inflammation can either be dampened down or heightened based on our overall gut health. With this in mind, it would be remiss of her to not at the very least, assess the gut.

Professional Associations

AHPRA – Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – www.ahpra.gov.au

ATMS – Australian Traditional Medicine Society – www.atms.com.au