Scone Occupational Therapist providing soft tissue work and dry needling techniques for athletes and other injuries.

Access a range of soft tissue and other occupational therapies to relieve and prevent further injury with Scone Inspire Health.

Scone massage therapies for athletes and other injuries

Soft Tissue Therapy

Scone Inspire Health provides soft tissue therapy for the prevention and relief of sports related injuries or strenuous activity.  Using myofascial release techniques, treatment is often gentle, yet highly effective at releasing areas of tight muscles.

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Dry needling procedure

Dry Needling

Dry Needling works brilliantly to reduce both acute and chronic pain, often working on a deeper level than soft tissue therapy alone.   Dry Needling focuses on releasing trigger points that are impacting on normal range of movement.

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Scone Inspire Health therpaist Karen Carter applying althletic tape to a patient

Athletic Taping

Use Myofascial Taping to reduce muscle fatigue, promote blood flow, speed recovery, for injury treatment or prevention.  Taping can assist with stabilising joints, whilst still allowing full range of movement.

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