Our vision is simple – we believe the world revolves on people giving.  In your healthiest state, you as an individual are able to give abundantly.  In an unhealthy state, your ability to give is negligible.  Without health, we have nothing.


By using an integrative plan for health recovery and ongoing maintenance of health care, our health services are designed for the individual needs of each client.  At some stage of life, you may need nutritional and naturopathic care.  Another stage you may need counselling and soft tissue therapy.  At some stages, several of those services may be required and coordinated seamlessly or perhaps only one.

Nurture and Educate

We believe a health clinic should feel warm, friendly and relaxing.  It should be a place to seek help, be educated and receive the nurturing required.  Our practitioners have on hand, an abundance of clinical resources to help you understand the processes and mechanisms of health.  We might offer dietary plans, techniques to help relieve stress, stretching diagrams or make available reading material.  We will probably give you homework, as you are the only person that can continue your healthcare whilst at home.

Services Grounded In Science

Our practitioners are highly qualified and have many years of experience.  We use evidence based best practice to achieve wonderful outcomes.  And in many cases, the client has exhausted many other health care services, including mainstream.  We offer hope and a solution based treatment plan to get you on your way to good health.

Wellness Medicine is the Medicine of the Future

The general public is now more than ever, well informed of their healthcare options.  And in light of today’s health care system problems, the future of Wellness Medicine is shining bright.  People today, are making more educated choices about their health care, opting for services that are sustainable with the view of improving their health, not just masking or ‘band aiding’ symptoms.  Wellness Medicine covers all aspects of healthcare.

The Practitioners at Scone Inspire Health follow the Wellness Medicine principles, by considering the entire person and their environment when seeking the best health care option.  We look at how / what you eat, when you sleep, how often you exercise and the type, how your body moves, your work habits / shift patterns and what makes you tick.   This type of healthcare is vastly different to conventional medicine whereby we take proactive steps to make you better, and then keep you feeling amazing with ongoing preventative healthcare.


‘The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause of prevention of disease’.  Thomas Edison


It’s time to start the journey towards better health.  We look forward to working together with you.